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Eestimaa Takso
Tallinn Taxi service

More than 100 qualified taxi drivers on line
You have our trust since 1998.
2,5 €/ boarding
0,60 € / km
12 €/ 1h of waiting
fixed taxi fee 24/7
Eestimaa Takso
Eestimaa Takso
Eestimaa Takso

Tallinn Taxi order
Eestimaa Takso

Order a taxi in Estonia

Eestimaa Takso one of the biggest taxi services in Estonia.
Since 1998 Eestimaa Takso responsibly and regularly works for the citizens and the visitors of Tallinn and Estonia.
Our company remains to be a trustworthy partner, guaranteeing a high-level of maintenance, comfort and safe-driving.

Quality of our service

More than 100 comfort-class cars

Safety for you and your children

Qualified and experienced drivers who know the city

Cooperation with entities

Arriving with no delays

"Comparing to any taxi platform, our cab company offers professional taxi drivers and qualitative service"

How much taxi in Tallinn?

To maximize the presentation of a taxi trip, the cost includes following creteria. Price list:

2.5 €/ boarding
0,60 € / km
12 €/ 1h of waiting

Eestimaa Takso service offers you one of the lowest price rates in Tallinn

fixed taxi fee 24/7

How does it all work?

You can call Eestimaa Takso in any time of the day, any weather conditions or your current location.
Our service provides complete safety and time accuracy.

Call us:
24 hours / 7 days in a week
"If you need a taxi in Estonia
- call directly Eestimaa Takso!"
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Taxi service in Tallinn and Estonia.

'Eestimaa Takso' company - a time- and quality-tested service of Tallinn city.


Weekend taxi.

During the weekends wanting to get somewhere by taxi is instantly increasing, and if you often happen to visit intertainment places, our taxi service is at your command!


Kids transportation.

We will be glad to take your children to the place they need to be (to/from school, to their grandma, training place etc) providing the safety during our trip.


Taxi service for the visitors.

For your convenience, a taxi arrives at the airport, bus station or harbour. 'Eestima Takso' driver will meet you there, help with the luggage (if necessary) and then drive you to the place you need to be.
Our drivers will be happy to consult you about the sights Estonia posesses and cultural events with great pleasure.

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